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These helmets have incurred soiling or other damage during the manufacturing and shipping process. The price has been reduced from $99.00 to $69.00 accordingly. ALL SALES FINAL. NO RETURNS, NO EXCHANGES, NO REFUNDS, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Cork Bengal Pith Helmet is the same authentic safari cork helmet worn by the British military in Africa and India between the great wars. Formed from genuine cork for lightweight durability using many of the original molds, it is finished with a cotton outer layer to reflect light and to blend with the surroundings when in the bush. The leather sweatband inside is adjustable for a snug fit, while the leather chinstrap keeps it securely anchored to your head when travelling over rough terrain. Two small eyelets on each side and a large vent on top provide welcome ventilation on a hot day. The dark green cotton liner under the wide brim reduces glare. This Bengal cork pith helmet will protect your head from impact and ultraviolet rays while recalling memories of hunters on safari and explorers charting new worlds.

Our hat sizes conform to the following chart: S-56 Cm / 7" M-58 Cm / 7 1/4" L-60 Cm / 7 3/8" XL-61 Cm / 7 1/2" 2XL-62 Cm / 7 3/4" For the best fit, measure around your head just above the ears. The resulting circumference in centimeters is your hat size.