Ironwood Buffalo Carving No Base 5" Tall x 8 1-2" Wide


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African Ironwood Buffalo is a distinctive example of indigenous artisan carving at its best. Each piece is painstakingly fashioned using traditional tools and the imagination of the craftsman to create unique designs that capture the very essence of the region. The specific hardwoods used are unlike any found in the United States, and are harvested under the strict supervision of the African Department of Conservation and Wildlife. Selected by art experts with an eye for authenticity and inherent beauty, these carvings will grace your home with a feeling of Africa and the African experience. When you buy Tag products, you are helping us fulfill our mission to “Help Africa Through Trade, Not Aid”. Approximate Dimensions: 5” H x 8 1/2” W x 0” D. Approximate Weight: 0 oz.

Please note that the carving you receive will not necessarily be the one pictured, but one of similar pose, size, and weight.