Livingstone Pith Helmet


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Cork Livingstone Pith Helmet is the same colonial helmet worn by explorers such as David Livingstone on his safari expeditions to Darkest Africa. Molded from genuine cork for lightweight durability and finished with 100% cotton to reflect light and blend with the surroundings when in the wild. The leather sweatband inside is adjustable for a snug fit and the leather chinstrap keeps it securely anchored to your head when bouncing along rough roads in an all-terrain vehicle. Two small eyelets on each side and a large vent on top provide welcome ventilation on a hot day. The cotton liner under the brim reduces glare. This African cork pith helmet was originally designed for safari use, but don’t forget to take it on your next hiking or hunting adventure here in the States.

Hand Made in Africa - Please expect some blemishes typical of any hand crafted product.


Our hat sizes conform to the following chart: S-56 Cm / 7" M-58 Cm / 7 1/4" L-60 Cm / 7 3/8" XL-61 Cm / 7 1/2" 2XL-62 Cm / 7 3/4" For the best fit, measure around your head just above the ears. The resulting circumference in centimeters is your hat size.