Safari Suede Hat

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Australian Style Safari Suede Hat features a 3" brim and a contrasting color headband. A hot iron branded logo has been applied to the side of the crown, giving it a distinctive and singularly individualized look. An adjustable chin strap has been incorporated into the design to keep it firmly planted on your head on particularly windy days. This is one outdoor hat perfectly suited to your safari or otherwise adventurous journeys.

Our hat sizes conform to the following chart: S-56 Cm / 7" M-58 Cm / 7 1/4" L-60 Cm / 7 3/8" XL-61 Cm / 7 1/2" 2XL-62 Cm / 7 3/4" For the best fit, measure around your head just above the ears. The resulting circumference in centimeters is your hat size.