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Your First African Safari

We are often asked about what one should pack when going on an African Safari. The keywords here are "Travel Light." There is no need to take your whole house with you, as you will simply be spending more time packing and unpacking and your bags will probably not fit into the truck that meets you at the airport, because the safari Operator needs to pick up supplies for your Safari and the Camp while he is in town.

Most safari operators will ask that you pack only one suitcase, one overnight duffle bag, and one day pack. This will ensure that you can carry all the necessary items while leaving enough room in your bag for gift items you may buy over there; and, believe me, there are lots of fascinating sculpture and art you will want to bring back with you.

Most safari lodges will hand wash and sun dry your clothing every day, and iron it using a coal or electric iron. Our tag products are made to withstand this type of treatment, so do not pack any items made from delicate fabrics. They will get ruined.

Here are some suggestions as to what we recommend you take:

General Pointers

What To Bring

Item NameDescription
3 Shirts or Tops in Long SleevesMS-039 Trail Shirt with epaulettes is practicle.If you plan to hunt,
 MS-041 is the Shooter Shirt you will need.Its got the recoil patch on the right shoulder, quilted and padded to absorb your guns "kick"
With Long Sleeved shirts, You can always roll up the sleeves and secure with the "swiss" tab.
3 Shirts or Tops in Short SleevesMS-118 Safari Shirt - Use darker colors Olive,Forest and Moss during the day, andLighter colrs such as Khaki and Stone at night when sitting around the campfire.Bugs come out at night and they love dark colors!!
Days are usually hot and nights are usually cool.
2 Pairs Long Cargo PantsTRS-113 Tag Safari Hunter Pants Lightweight pants are better than heavy fabrics. The brush can tear up your skin in shorts.
1 Pair Convertible PantsTRS-072 Convertibles work as pants and shorts. You will get hot in the daytime.
1 Pair of ShortsM-074 Pro Hunter "PH" Shorter shorts are very popular and you may need them depending on time of year.June and July are cold months in Southern Africa.
1 Durable Leather BeltBrown is the most practical color. It will match with most safari wear.
1 Vest to carry all your valuablesMJ-048 We recommend this Travel Vest for men and LJ-011 Hunting Vest for women.because these provide the most cargo pockets to keep your valuables safe during travel and while in the field.Your passport and tickets stow safely in the Inside Zippered pockets that are large enough so you non't have to fold your important papers.The Zippered pockets keep everything from falling out!! 
1 Field Jacket to keep you warm at nightMJ-037 Field Jacket -Its Light and insulated -Nights cool down fast with little cloud cover in winter. Sitting in a leopard blind gets cold.You will love this Jacket.
2 Cotton UndershirtsLayering up is better than heavy clothing-peel off when it gets warm.
4 Pairs Cotton UnderwearAvoid synthetic fabrics, they will make you hot, and will get ruined in the wash.
4 Pairs Wool SocksThicker socks will keep your feet feeling better all day long, while the wool will wick moisture
1 Pair Sturdy Walking ShoesYou will walk a lot.
1 Pair Indoor SlippersKeep your feet warm on the cold floors in camp. Usually no carpeting or AC available.
1 Hat with a wide brimUV Rays can be harmful and cause skin problems.
1 Bath TowelTake a darker color, to avoid dulling your white towel.
1 Face ClothFor wiping away the sweat. Keep it with you always.
1 Backpack for your daily needsSee our Kilimanjaro Backpack made of Warthog Hide.
1 Pair BinocularsFor game viewing or spotting game while hunting.
1 CameraIf you plan to take pictures of game, be sure to have a very good zoom.
1 FlashlightKeep it handy always. Some camps and tented camps work off generators that are shut down during the night.
1 Soft Gun Case for each gunSturdy cases are fine for air travel. Soft cases make transporting your guns easier. See our Buffalo Hide Rifle Bags.
Bug RepellentWe sell a "Non Deet" Natural Geranoil Product, Wrist Band, Spray and Towellettes.
Sunscreen LotionChose one with a high UV protection rating.
Mousturizing lotionTry to take unscented lotion, to avoid attracting bugs. It is always better not to wear perfume in the bush.
Sanitary suppliesLocal brands, while quite good, may not be the same as what you are used to.
Prescription medicationsIf you have conditions that require regular medications, carry enough for your whole trip.
Pain and fever control medicationsHeadaches from being out in the sun should not spoil your stay.
Spair pair of spectaclesDo not forget your case.
Contact lens cleaning fluid
ShampooNormally provided at all camps.The water hardness is different and your shampoo may not lather as well as theirs.

For Your Comfort



What to bring back

We have tried to give you an idea of some of the items you will need. These are our opinions, and we urge you to speak to your medical professional before taking any medications of inoculations. We are providing general guidelines only. You will get more information from your Safari Guide.


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