Waxed Canvas Backpack


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Backpack, made from waxed cotton canvas, features durable construction and generous storage for the traveler on safari in Africa. The large central compartment, covered by a leather flap secured with a metal clasp, is perfect for carrying spare shirts, socks, and a pair of shorts. The large drop in pocket in front is the ideal place to stash a map, hunting permit, or travel guide. Adjustable nylon woven straps keep the bag secured on your shoulders. Leather trim pieces, coupled with the Tag logo neatly embossed on the flap, add a distinctive touch of class to an already classy product. The water repellant nature of paraffin woven cotton fabric means not having to worry about rain or other unexpected changes in weather. Fully lined. Measures approximately 15" Wide x 6" Deep x 12 1/2" High. Made in the U.S.A. This waxed cotton canvas rucksack is just right for tossing over your shoulder before boarding that all-terrain vehicle on your African safari adventure.


Length: 13" Height: 15" Width: 6 1/2"