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DUE TO FISH & WILDLIFE DEPARTMENT RESTRICTIONS, WE DO NOT SHIP GAME SKIN LEATHER PRODUCTS OUTSIDE OF THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES. PLEASE, NO EXCEPTIONS. Genuine Caiman Crocodile Skin Belt, handmade in the United States from crocodile skins specifically chosen for their strength and natural beauty. The coloration and patterns found are completely natural, and differ from one belt to another for a truly unique look. Fully adjustable for easy exchange of the buckle, or for exact sizing to your specific waist measurement without the need for special tools. Own a piece of the safari experience, perfect for days spent in the bush or for nights spent on the town. Our factories use skins that are purchased from importers legally licensed through the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species Treaty (CITES). We will not, under any circumstances, be party to trafficking in illegally obtained hides or other related materials. Measured from where the leather ends at the brass buckle to the middle hole at the tip end, we recommend that you purchase your belt one size larger than your pants waist size to accommodate for material. Note that the buckle may vary from the one pictured.