Kenetrek Men's Brown Mountain Extreme 1000 Insulated Hunting Boots


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When you're hunting Dall Sheep in the Mackenzie Mountains of the Northwest Territories, you may be surprised with six inches of snow in August. Others may wait it out in the tent, but your Extremes give you the wherewithal to continue hunting no matter what. There's nothing tougher than high altitude sheep hunts and no boot tougher and more comfortable than these. Made in Italy. 4.5 lbs Get in gear with the Mountain Extreme hunting boot from Kenetrek. This sturdy leather boot has deep lugs for excellent traction over harsh and rocky terrain, and its reinforced toe guard offers full protection to meet the needs of your outdoorsy lifestyle.

Rugged terrain and severe weather can make hunting in the backcountry brutal, but even the toughest of expeditions can become more enjoyable if you take good care of your feet. At Kenetrek, they build their boots �for the trail less traveled,� by punishing every product through a rigorous test phase that they can�t help but to enjoy. They know you will find total quality and performance with their products because they already have.