Assorted Skin Duffle Bag - Large - Brown


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DUE TO FISH & WILDLIFE DEPARTMENT RESTRICTIONS, WE DO NOT SHIP GAMESKIN LEATHER PRODUCTS OUTSIDE OF THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES. PLEASE, NO EXCEPTIONS. Leather Assorted Skin Safari Duffle Bag, made from a combination of skins, is flexible enough and durable enough to enhance any adventure. A wrap around zipper on top opens to give ready access to larger items such as pants and shirts stored in the main compartment. Two side zippered pouches hold smaller items such as toiletries, insect repellent, and the like. A comfortable padded shoulder strap runs the full length while durable handles afford unexpected comfort when transporting by hand. The game skins used in the making of this product are culled from essential conservation programs in an attempt to control over-populated herds. Perfect for an overnight excursion or a long weekend on the road. Can be used as carry on luggage when traveling by air. Total Bag Length: 22" Bag Height: 12" Bag Width: 10"